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How to capture the data for decisions

Making the right decision relies on having the right data. When you’ve got lots of different data sources, it’s important to pull them all together so that the people making the decision have a single view of everything they need to choose the right route forward for the organization.

Here’s our guide to capturing decision-support information.

Why Do I Need to Plan?

  • 17 March 2015
  • Author: Brad Egeland
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Why do we need to plan out our work?  Isn’t it easier to just do what seems most important today, then move on to what seems to be the next most important task, and so on and so on?  Raise your hand if you do this even when you are being organized and following a plan.  I know I do.  We all do – it’s in our nature.  I’m all for not multi-tasking too much.  I think it’s counterproductive much of the time.  So I’m a firm believer in figuring out what is most critical now and do it, then move to the next task. 

5 Practices for Delivering Strategic Change

Companies that are good at organizational change management complete twice as many strategic initiatives that meet their original time, budget and content goals.
The study, called Enabling Organizational Change through Strategic Initiatives, from PMI, shows that if you are good at change management, your organization will:

· Meet the goals of strategic initiatives 65% of the time
· Complete strategic initiatives on time 64% of the time
· Complete strategic initiatives on budget 63% of the time.

The future of work - Companies: How not to vanish!

  • 4 March 2015
  • Author: Hans Buskes
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What do these companies have in common: Amoco (oil), Bethlehem Steel (steel), Compaq (computers), Saab (cars), Lehman Brothers (investments), PanAm (air carrier), F.W. Woolworth (retailer). Polaroid (instant film)? Well they all vanished. Disappeared. You will know many examples yourself. All of these companies were once very big, global operating companies. Some were disrupted like Compaq (the same happened to IBM, but it reinvented itself), others were mismanaged (like Saab and Compaq. Compaq’s CEO Eckard Pfeiffer is on Wall Street’s list of worst CEOs in American history) or failed to respond quickly to available data on customers and markets (like Polaroid).

Three Project Management Myths You Should Ignore

There is no one-way route in project management.

The ideas and strategies you hold dear to your heart, might not mean a dime to someone else who is managing a project. This means that you should find a balance between what works and what the so-called experts had advised ‘us’ to follow.

Truly, it’s not an easy task to serve in multiple roles. When managing a project that requires extra thinking-through, you have to ditch myths and embrace practicable ideals.

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