iMindQ for Android – Coming Soon

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After recently announcing the web application called iMindQ Online, iMindQ continues to follow the trends in covering the most used platforms for desktop and mobile – and Android is next on the list!

Being one of the most used platform for major mobile devices, Android reached 85% of the total smartphone market share in the second quarter this year. This is a rather significant sign that users prefer to have mobile devices that use this platform and in turn are more interested in applications that are designed for it, leaving no argument and setting a challenge for all apps that want to reach them.

iMindQ for Android is expected to be an enticing and refreshing app that will enable users to enjoy the mind mapping technique in a visually inspiring format. Furthermore, iMindQ could very much become a powerful creativity booster that will provide users with the chance to mind map anywhere, anytime and on every Android tablet or mobile. The success of the iOS version of iMindQ, speaks enough about the interest of users to have this type of application running on their mobile devices.

imq for android iMindQ for Android   Coming Soon

iMindQ for Android could be a really useful application that will help and enable users to intuitively organize their thoughts, illustrate ideas, visually outline information and logically manage and prioritize tasks and activities.

By following to complete users’ requirements, the iMindQ team is in the process of creating a powerful mind mapping app that every Android user can utilize to creatively explore, organize and present ideas in an easily memorable format.  

If you have fresh ideas and want the iMindQ for Android version in any way different or include some features that you specifically like, give us your feedback at

iMindQ 6 – Smart and innovative in presentation

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Don’t look past your mind maps when your next presentation is due – the recently announced release of iMindQ 6.0 is here!

Your maps will no longer be stories waiting to be told. iMindQ 6 will bring to life your mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts and other map styles with its powerful presentation mode. Regardless whether you need a single click instant presentation, or you’d like to take some time and create a personally tailored presentation, iMindQ will make your mind maps your ‘secret weapons’ anytime you need to present. Get a Free Trial and try iMindQ yourself, or read more about iMindQ’s latest improvements below:

Single Click Presentations

With iMindQ’s one-click presentations you can turn your mind map into a presentation in a second. Following a clockwise flow, iMindQ will present your topics and subtopics in predefined scenes that will catch and keep your audience’s attention.

An example of iMindQ’s one-click presentation mode:
cxj7p iMindQ 6   Smart and innovative in presentation

Smart Presentations

Those who need to create custom tailored presentations, focusing on specific parts of your map, or simply customize the transitions and animations can use iMindQ’s Smart Presentations. Simply switch to presentation mode and set the presentation flow for your concept map, flowchart or other diagram.3

An example of iMindQ’s smart presentation mode:
cxk4u iMindQ 6   Smart and innovative in presentation

Flexible Project Planning

Project managers are the ones to be most happy with iMindQ’s latest release. iMindQ 6.0 offers flexible project planning and keeping track of project deliverables – simply enter your deliverables in a Work Breakdown Structure map and monitor your project’s progress in the Gannt Chart view. You can focus on specific deliverables and milestones, or view your overall project progress in iMindQ’s project graph. Moreover, iMindQ’s new calendar options include: standard, night-shift and 24-hour work shifts modes to set up and mirror your actual work schedule.

Untitled 300x175 iMindQ 6   Smart and innovative in presentation

Rich Map Templates library

If you need a creative boost, or you are simply looking to save time choose from iMindQ’s templates and tailor it to your own needs. You can now focus on creating informative, content rich maps that look amazing, without spending too much time formatting and styling.


Announcing iMindQ Online – Demo version available now!

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Exciting news everyone! Following the announcement of the newest version of iMindQ Desktop, iMindQ brings news in the web application area, announcing iMindQ Online.  

Aiming to offer every user the chance to experience mind mapping on different platforms, the new iMindQ web app brings a minimalistic user interface, with a greater focus on the working space and user’s freedom to express creativity and enjoy an enticing mind mapping experience.

One of the most suitable features of iMindQ Online is the option to save mind maps on some of the most famous and widely used cloud storages, such as: Google Drive, SkyDrive, DropBox, Box and Yandex.Disk.

iMindQ Online brings closer the customization and creation of organic mind maps and also turns to a more clean-cut design of the side menu, where the user can find a useful set of tools and a variety of choices of mind maps templates and mind map parts.

Another exciting part of the application is its presentation mode that contains the customizable options to present a mind map. Also iMindQ Online enables users to present their mind maps with a single click. Great one, isn’t it? 

Very soon users will have the opportunity to choose from several subscription plans, based on their needs and requirements.

Insert Elements Announcing iMindQ Online   Demo version available now!

User Space 1 Announcing iMindQ Online   Demo version available now!

The demo version is available for everyone and can be accessed on the following link:

Hope you’ll enjoy!

Please direct your much appreciated feedback and comments about iMindQ Online to Thank you!

Introducing iMindQ 6 – Smart & Innovative in Presentation!

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iMindQ brings exciting news in the field of mind mapping with its newest version, coming this October!

The new iMindQ version 6 introduces a new Smart and Innovative Presentation mode that sets aside the simple slide show presentations giving a new, elegant approach in presenting mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts and many other types of diagrams.

The innovative presentation mode lets you create a one-click presentation, saving you time and energy when presenting your mind maps and sharing your ideas with others.

This type of mind map presentation incorporates a clockwise flow of the topics and contains predefined scenes and animations that enhance the user experience.

To see how a one-click mind map presentation looks like, check out the following video:

iMindQ version 6 also offers you the convenience to manually create and set presentations for your concept maps, flow charts, WBS charts and other types of diagrams.

With this smart presentation mode you can create your custom presentations with different animation and choose the scenes to set the presentation’s flow in a matter of minutes.

To learn more about presenting your flow charts, see the video below.

What else is included in iMindQ 6:

Greater flexibility for Project Managers – new project planning options

In iMindQ 6 you can now manage and set working hours according to your project’s needs and reflect to the real working environment within your teams and project plans, by using the 3 new calendars that are implemented in iMindQ 6: Standard, Night shift, 24 hours.

With this new Scheduling mode and the updated Plan ribbon that contains important project information parts such as project info, task info and summary task, you can more meticulously plan your project and give a more detailed approach to your project’s information.

To see how to set the new scheduling options in your WBS chart, check out this video:

Redesigned file menu and enriched map library

iMindQ version 6 has a new elegant look and feel of the file menu as well as new 3D icon sets implemented in the application that guarantee a neat experience while working with the program.

The enriched library includes new map templates and map icons that offer an even greater mind mapping experience, providing a solid base to start mapping with ease. Delightful, isn’t it?

iMindQ6 elegant look Introducing iMindQ 6    Smart & Innovative in Presentation!

Always appreciating what users say and think, iMindQ offers you a chance to get a glimpse of this new version. So if you want to be among the first to try the Beta version of iMindQ 6, drop us an email at and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with the installation details.

A needed boost for your Sales efforts [FREE eBook]

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Another great edition to iMindQ’s Library of Free eBooks is the book dedicated to mind mapping for Sales People with an encouraging heading: “Never lose a deal”.

This eBook connects the mind mapping technique with the benefits it offers to sales people to close deals side by side with their efforts to establish a successful communication with potential clients. What is also covered is the mind map usage in order to generate a fast selling approach guided by research data about potential clients presented in a memorable and simple format.

ebook about sales wordle A needed boost for your Sales efforts [FREE eBook]

Followed by a short introduction about mind mapping and what It can do for sales people is a section closely focused on the subject “What can you do with mind maps?”. The answers of this question are triggered by the end results gained, such as:

  • Generate a sales approach faster
  • Dig deep and maintain the research structure
  • Keep being updated and stay ahead!
  • Create a perfect pitch and present it with a mind map.

The other part of the book also mentions some of the main benefits of mind mapping to sales personnel.

Although the benefits of the mind mapping technique for business professionals are a vast topic of elaboration, mind mapping for sales people is recommended for the simple nature of gaining a greater productivity and effectiveness, regarding the following activities:

  • organizing tasks, activities and contacts,
  • keeping track of client status and information,
  • easier selection of best prospects and in the same time prioritization on client subjects and deals,
  • adding value to a pitching presentation by presenting in an enticing visual format.

To find out more about this topic, you can download your free copy of the book on the following link: Mind Mapping for Sales People: Never Lose a Deal